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How to help drug-seeking patients without becoming a victim. 

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No matter how carefully dentists screen patients, unexpected emergencies occur. 

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With over 17,000 dental practitioners insured, Dentist’s Advantage is one of the nation’s premier providers of malpractice insurance and risk management solutions to dentists.  In 1949, the company started out as a small agency insuring dentists in California and Arizona.  In 1995, the agency was purchased by the global insurance leader Aon, who made the program available in all 50 states.

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When you become a dentist, you’ll eliminate pain, help preserve our teeth and keep us smiling. You’ll perform evaluations, make recommendations and provide expert healthcare. You’ll do everything in your power to make your patients feel comfortable about making a trip to the dentist. 

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Being active across multiple social media sites not only helps establish a brand.

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Enjoy the benefits of electronic communication while minimizing the risk of litigation.

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Dentist’s Advantage


  • What are the key insurance terms a dentist should understand before purchasing a policy? 
  • What procedures or allegations are most common? Which are most severe?   
  • Licensing complaints and regulatory board actions and penalties   
  • Actual dental malpractice case studies and resulting expenses   
  • How to reduce your risks using best practices and risk management resources available to you

Understanding malpractice insurance terms, available options, and high risk procedures will position you ahead of the curve before embarking on your dental career. 


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Odds of having a
dental malpractice claim
over a 5 year period*

Average legal expense
to defend a dental
malpractice claim*


Average cost of a
dental malpractice
claim payment*


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Arthur A Dugoni School of Dentistry 
San Francisco, CA
June 1, 2018

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Learn and adopt strategies that reduce your exposure to claims  

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*CNA. (2016). Dental Professional Liability 2016 Claim Report.  Retrieved from http://www.dentists-advantage.com/sites/DA/rskmgt/Pages/DentalClaimStudy.aspx

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At Dentist’s Advantage our approach is similar.  We evaluate dentists’ malpractice insurance risks and recommend coverage that helps preserve their career.  Just like you, we do everything in our power to make our clients feel comfortable, and we do that by using an open, educational approach to insurance. 

Accurate documentation can provide a strong defense during a malpractice lawsuit. 

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Dental Risk Management Spotlight

Financial matters often lead to patient dissatisfaction. Follow these best practices when setting clear patient payment policies.

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Dental Risk Management Spotlight

Learn tips on reducing the risk of patient injury and patient dissatisfaction.

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Dental Risk Management Spotlight